Towers Rising for Hilton Garden Inn

The multistory Hilton Garden Inn is on track for a grand opening in fall 2020.

The 101-room, 55-foot high hotel is now about 40% complete, with elevator and stairwell towers stretching upward at its location at Sheldon and Montezuma streets. 

Its grand opening will coincide with the likely opening of a new splash pad and other amenities at the West Granite Creek Park area, which starts just a few yards north of the hotel. Hotel developer Shane Shumway of WSH Hospitality said he is pleased the hotel will be so near the rejuvenated park. 

Underground utility infrastructure for the hotel has been installed and crews now are installing wood framing and steel beams. A roof will cover the hotel by late February or early March if no delays occur. 

Work also is underway to connect the multimillion-dollar hotel to the historic Sam Hill Warehouse located just to the west, via a historic railroad trestle bridge. Originally a storage facility for a downtown hardware store, the warehouse will be converted to a convention-conference center. 

An economic impact study commissioned by the City estimates the hotel will generate almost $18 million a year in benefits for the community.

Photo: Hilton Garden Inn (Photo courtesy of City of Prescott)