Two Mamas’ Pizzeria is Growing the Pie Options

by Keith Mantegna, owner, Two Mamas’ Gourmet Pizzeria

Here at Two Mamas’ Gourmet Pizzeria, we’re proud to serve the best pizzas we can. But we realize that for some people that won’t work. Whether for dietary, health or personal preference, the traditional pizza won’t do. We have always offered a variety of gluten-free crust options. We are not a gluten-free kitchen, but everyone from our servers, cooks and even delivery drivers are trained to prevent cross contamination. And that’s true of any allergies that our customers notify us of. 

Recently we started offering two vegan pizzas. They start with an ancient grains gluten-free crust (made with smart flour), topped with pizza sauce and vegan cheese; then a choice of either Beyond Burger crumbles or traditional veggie patty crumble. The vegan cheese and the crumbles are available as an add-on for any of our pizzas. Our newest addition is an all-sausage patty for the crust of an 8-inch pizza. We top that with pizza sauce and cheese. It is great for a keto or paleo diet. If your paleo is dairy-restrictive, we can hold the cheese as well! 

We can add any of our over 60 toppings for only 99 cents each. But we also have something new for traditional pizza lovers. We have a 20-inch pizza, but for only one-and-a-half times the price. You get a lot of pizza for the money with this one. For dessert you can order a hot fruit turnover; we take a small pizza dough, fill it with your choice of fruit filling (apply, cherry or blueberry), fold it in half, bake it and top it with warm icing. 

Everyone here at Two Mamas’ Gourmet Pizzeria thanks you for your business. We really appreciate you and hope to see you soon.