Use of new pickleball courts has exceeded expectations

City of Prescott Parks & Recreation personnel said they had no idea the eight new pickleball courts constructed near Pioneer Parkway would appeal to so many people — locals and out-of-towners.

Recreational and tournament play began on the eight new courts almost immediately after they were opened in June, Parks and Recreation staff said.

The inaugural week saw more than 200 players from throughout Arizona descend on Prescott in mid-June.

“It hasn’t slowed since,” said Bob Atherton, the Northern Arizona District Representative for the U.S. Pickleball Association.

“Every weekday and certainly every weekend, even when we have some monsoons, the courts are busy,” he said. “We’ve got play for singles, doubles and mixed-doubles. People love this game, and new people are joining us every week. We have tournaments going on all the time, too.”

He added, “Now that it’s getting cooler, we expect even more.”

Atherton said that players range in age from young to old, but most are seniors.

“We’re really pleased that so many people are signing up for lessons, too,” he said. “This game proves that you can get good exercise, have an enjoyable experience with little or no expense and make new friends while you have a lot of laughs.”

More information is available about Prescott Pickleball Association Programs at