We Want to Share Carol’s Pupdate

We are thrilled with this little girl. Renamed Annie (as in Little Orphan…), she has become a whirlwind of delight and joy, not just for us but also our Golden Retriever and, honestly, everyone in the neighborhood.

While Annie doesn’t chew our rugs or furniture, she has been a bit wary of my husband and is taking her time to learn basic rules of being housebroken. She knows the commands “sit” and “come.” She doesn’t run away from us.

We live in a dog-friendly neighborhood with other rescued dogs that has made it easier to acclimate her to people and other dogs. When she is anxious, she stays close to me or her protector, the Golden Retriever. She has shown zero aggression and is proving to be a highly sensitive alert dog.

She and the Golden Retriever, who weighs 70 pounds compared to Annie’s 10, spend the day racing each other inside and out. They are particularly funny when they play tug-of-war. The big dog patiently lets Annie dominate the game early on, eventually swinging her head from side to side as Annie’s feet come off the ground. But that little dog is a toughie, she hangs on until she doesn’t and then picks up the rope and they do it again!

A reminder to everyone who has a little dog: We were out playing “tennis” earlier today when I noticed three Harris hawks circling nearby. There was no question they were fixated on Annie. For that reason, we keep Annie on a leash at all times.

Given her background as one of the dogs rescued from a hoarding situation, I have to believe there was someone who worked with her and possibly other dogs to ready them for adoption. Whoever it was did a magnificent job.

This note is to say thank you for what you do, what they did and for the care your organization took with us when we drove up from Phoenix to look at her.

Here she is, on the couch where she belongs with her best friend and protector. And, a couple of her just being Annie.

(Thank you for the update Carol! We LOVE happily ever after updates).