Western Heritage 8th Annual Banquet a ‘Success’

Written by Ray Newton | Photography by Sol Noor, Findlay Subaru Prescott

Planners and organizers for the 8th annual Western Heritage Banquet deemed the Nov. 6 event a “major success.”

Dennis Gallagher, founder-CEO of the Prescott Western Heritage Foundation, said nearly 300 people from throughout the county attended the full-evening event at the Prescott Resort.


“You’da thought you were back at turn of the century Prescott, what with all the boots and hats and western gear,” he said. “About the only thing missing was horses — but instead, we had pickups.”

Stuart Rosebrook, Prescott resident and member of the foundation board of directors, served as master of ceremonies.

Highlights of the evening included live and silent auctions, which raised thousands of dollars for the operating budget of the Western Heritage Center at 156 C. S. Montezuma St. Fifteen live auction items ranged from artwork to jewelry and clothing to overnight stays in distant places, a helicopter ride over Sedona, and a rare Model 94 Deluxe Winchester Rifle. Greg Mengarelli served as the auctioneer. Silent auction items were equally successful in generating hundreds of dollars.

The 2021 Western “Heritage Keeper” scholarship recipients were introduced during the festivities: Kiana Clausen, a farm-and-ranch girl who plans to attend the Auburn University (Alabama) College of Veterinary Medicine and Rudy Shea Rodriguez, currently a sophomore at Western Oklahoma State College, Altus, who plans to transfer to Oklahoma State Panhandle University-Goodwill.

The 2021 Western Heritage Keeper Organization of the Year was the Questers Organizations, which promote and research history and antiques and help support and preserve historic projects. Two local chapters — Thumb Butte and Yavapai Questers — were cited for their dedication to area history.

Jim Buchanan, a 75-year native of Prescott, was recognized as 2021 Western Heritage Keeper Individual of the Year. He has been active with the Prescott Frontier Rodeo, the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering for Sharlot Hall Museum and Back Country Horsemen of Central Arizona. Buchanan helped plan and preserve trails for military and horse wagon road in the region.

A special award was given to Bob Greninger, who had served as board president this past year, but had been quite ill.

Gallagher concluded the evening by stressing he, the foundation and its board of directors will continue to “preserve and promote the area’s western heritage through education, art, music, events and projects that enhance western lifestyle and make Prescott and Yavapai County unique and desirable.”