by Nancy Rothrock, CEO, Clinic Director, The Heart Shop (Let’s Get Healthy 4 You)

The New Year is almost here, and we are so eager to make our New Year’s resolutions.

There’s nothing like setting goals, sticking to them and achieving them. That sense of accomplishment gives us the drive to continue, otherwise you’ll just feel like you’re going through the motions.

New Year’s resolutions give us a chance to reflect on the past and maybe do things differently in the future. How do we set them and not feel guilty or let down if we do not achieve them?

These are a few of my secrets that have helped me through the years to accomplish and complete my goals. Let it be known I have chosen goals that have been difficult to complete, leaving me disappointed. Now wiser, I would like to share how to make those goals and meet them.

Rule No. 1: If there’s one thing I know to be true about plans it is this, never tell anyone about them. If you’re planning on going to the gym, just go the gym. Don’t announce it to everyone or you’ll feel pressured to keep it up. If weight loss is in your plans, make your goal reasonable and pick a plan that will work for you. Your goals should be a part of change and should be rewarding and fun to do.

Rule No. 2: Setting out your New Year’s resolutions and sticking to them can be quite overwhelming for some. You’ll feel pressured to achieve them, and this will probably result in giving up altogether. Avoid this by setting small goals, as each victory will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. I personally always make one New Year’s resolution goal each year. I give myself plenty of time to achieve my goal, and I make it realistic. In past years I have made multiple goals, but I work on them at different times throughout the year with a plan giving me time to fully focus on one at a time.

My goals over the years have been from losing weight, joining a gym, to spending less and saving more. All of these were goals I have tried several times to complete, and I have failed several times. I kept asking myself, why could I not complete these simple goals? Well, I made them unrealistic and didn’t have a plan.

I have since completed these goals and many others. I have made my goals reasonable and continued to work at them throughout the year. Completing a goal makes you feel good and the next challenge even easier.

The No. 1 New Year’s resolution goal each year is to lose weight. I suggest saying: “I am going to address my health this year. This is the year of wellness, proper diet (remove processed foods) and exercise by taking a walk.” Or if you prefer, join the gym.

Set a weight goal that is reasonable, and if possible join a program that offers a coach or mentor who can help you meet your goal. This is a person who is neutral and supportive to your personal goal and not judgmental and encourages you along the way. Visit letsgethealthy4you.com.