When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Local

by Marnie Uhl, President and CEO, Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce

The impact of COVID-19 these past few months has been unprecedented, in fact downright excruciating. But we saw the resilience of our businesses and community emerge with new business models, simpler expectations, and more appreciation of what we have. To support and encourage positive action, we at the Chamber concluded we should “Shop Local, Support Local and Stay Local!” And by doing so we would get through this as “Prescott Valley Together!”

Shop Local — Whenever possible, shop in our local stores. Many have been open because they were essential services, but others offered online ordering, curbside pickup or delivery services. But now more than ever we need to also consider how we shop. Physical distancing, wearing of masks and limits on capacity are a small inconvenience when we are helping our local businesses stay solvent and open. 

Support Local — Continue to support our local businesses. For our restaurants now offering takeout options, help keep their doors open by buying a meal out. But when they reopen they will have some guidelines to follow, so be patient. Again, there may be limits on capacity, distancing and extra sanitation measures. These are the ones that regularly contribute to our organizations, so let’s keep them in business. 

Continue to support your nonprofit organizations. They have also felt the downturn in donations and in most cases have had to postpone their major fundraisers. A little bit goes a long way. And we need to support our service providers, including hair and nail salons, gyms and personal care businesses. Get those appointments scheduled, purchase a gift card for later use or tip generously the next time. They have been without any income during the stay-at-home order. 

Stay Local – This might be the year to have that “staycation.” Let’s look at what is in our own backyard and spend our money here. Our local area has great places to stay, camp and explore. Become a tourist in our own town and city. I am sure there are many sights you may not have gotten around to visiting and restaurants you have wanted to try. There are so many ideas to choose from including recreation, arts and culture, and family activities. You can be your own tour guide and make it fun.

It will be a while before public confidence comes back and life is back to at least semi-normal. Embrace the positive, be creative and support our community.

We are “Prescott Valley Together!”