WIB 2019: Therese Stover

Arizona All Service Plumbing LLC

Therese worked full-time while earning her bachelor’s in psychology in California at CSUN before moving on to paralegal school in Phoenix to earn her paralegal certificate. When the economic recession began to affect businesses state-wide, life made a sudden unexpected shift. Therese, and her husband Steve, learned the plumbing company he worked for was in danger of closing. They decided to start their own plumbing business, Arizona Green Plumber, LLC, now known as Arizona All Service Plumbing, LLC. With Steve’s experience of over 40 years plumbing experience and Therese’s business savvy they were able to successfully launch the family-run company. Today, the focus of the company is to remain a “green” plumber and provides service and repair while working to find environmentally friendly solutions.

When not working, Therese spends time with Steve, their daughter, Monica, and their two Shih Tzu dogs. She also enjoys travelling with Steve and camping with friends.

Contact Information:
Therese Stover
PO Box 27971 Prescott Valley
928-925-6809 • www.azallserviceplumbing.com