WIB 2020: The Women of Mandalay Homes Sales Team

Mandalay Homes – Prescott AZ

The team of women at Mandalay Homes Realty has a passion for building homes that promote health, comfort, style and livability while lowering energy costs and reducing carbon footprints.

Mandalay is the most-awarded builder in the nation for energy efficiency and a leader in indoor air quality. The company holds 15 honors from the Department of Energy for housing innovation, five awards for indoor air quality, and has been Energy Star Partner of the Year for three years. Mandalay remains the leading Zero Energy Ready builder, with over 800 certified homes built.

Mandalay is home to amazingly talented women who help make this success possible. 

Mandalay is building in The Granite Dells Estates, Jasper and Mountain Gate, with new communities coming to Prescott Valley and Flagstaff.

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