They come from many different backgrounds and industries, but the women featured in this year’s Women in Business section have one thing in common – they are all making a lasting impact on our community, our state and even our world. From growing the food we eat to growing our entire local economy, and from running their small mom and pop shops to running our cities and colleges, these women are shining examples of what leadership means. You probably already know many of their names, but we’re proud to show you even more about what makes them special!

Today’s workforce looks nothing like the workforce of the past. Since WWII, women’s participation in the U.S. labor force has climbed from 32.7 percent to 56.8 percent in 2016. Women make up nearly half of today’s workforce – and in many industries ladies are leading the way!

From human resource managers to education administrators and even speech pathologists and physical therapists, women are holding key roles in today’s business world, and their work is making a lasting impact.

In fact, women are 8 percent more likely to have earned a bachelor’s degree by age 29 than men, and in 40 percent of households with children under 18, mothers are the primary or sole earners. Couple that with the nearly 10 million businesses American women own and the $1.4 trillion in receipts these businesses account for, and that’s what we call bringing home the bacon!

Women in Management Occupations

  • Human Resources Managers 74.2%
  • Medical & Health Services Managers 72.3%
  • Public Relations & Fundraising Managers 70.9%
  • Social & Community Service Managers 70.5%
  • Education Administrators 65.1%
  • Training & Development Managers 58.5%
  • Advertising & Promotions Managers 56.5%
  • Financial Managers 52.5%
  • Lodging Managers 52.2%

Women in the Workforce

  • 46.5% of U.S. workers are women
  • 56.8% of all women participated in the labor force in 2016
  • 75% of employed women usually work full time (25% part time)
  • 78.2% of women with a doctoral degree participate in the labor force
  • 1.2 million female veterans in the labor force in 2016
  • Women’s earnings were 82% of make counterparts in 2017
  • The concentration of women is higher in office and administrative support jobs than construction, production or transportation occupations.

“In 2016, women accounted for 52 percent of all workers employed in management, professional, and related occupations, somewhat more than their share of total employment (47 percent). The share of women in specific occupations within this large category varied. For example, 20 percent of software developers, 27 percent of chief executives, and 38 percent of physicians and surgeons were women, whereas 90 percent of registered nurses, 79 percent of elementary and middle school teachers, and 61 percent of accountants and auditors were women.

“However, women were substantially underrepresented (relative to their share of total employment) in agriculture (25 percent), mining (13 percent), construction (9 percent), manufacturing (29 percent), and transportation and utilities (24 percent).”

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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