Yavapai County Students Earn GIFTS Scholarships

Nine Yavapai County students representing seven communities each received a $3,500 scholarship from the Gardner Family Teachers Scholarship Endowment (GiFTS) during an awards ceremony April 30.

Recipients were recognized by Yavapai College President Lisa Rhine, who told them they were “entering one of the most noble and respectable professions in the world. Teachers influence eternity.” Rhine has been president of YC since February 2019.

She was joined by Danny Brown and Tara O’Neill, GiFTS co-presidents, and other GiFTS board members at the ceremony. Brown and O’Neill stressed, “We increased scholarship amounts significantly to support persons genuinely dedicated to become certificated educators in the teaching profession.”

Brown, superintendent of Clarkdale-Jerome Elementary School District, and O’Neill, professor-administrator at Yavapai College, said increases were approved because volunteer board members recognized a severe teacher shortage in rural communities in Arizona.

Those receiving scholarships were:

  • Chino Valley: Emily Schuler, sophomore, Yavapai College; Hayley Feipel, sophomore, University of Phoenix; Alondra Mendez, junior, Grand Canyon University.
  • Dewey-Humboldt: Peyton Blumstein. master’s program, Grand Canyon University.
  • Clarkdale: Kylie Densmore, junior, Northern Arizona University.
  • Cottonwood: Chelsea Henderson, senior, Northern Arizona University.
  • Prescott: Kacie Burns, freshman, Arizona State University.
  • Bagdad: Hannah Woodburn, freshman, Northern Arizona University.
  • Prescott Valley: Trinidad Caparachin, freshman, Yavapai College.

GiFTS was founded in 2000 by the late Gladys Gardner. In 21 years, GIFTS has granted $383,600 to 197 qualified recipients. GiFTS is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit foundation administered by a volunteer board.

Additional information is available online at www.ycesa.com/gardner-teacher-scholarship