Yavapai County’s Health – Fast Facts

About Our Community:

  • 27.2 % of population is older adults
  • 16.0 % live below the federal poverty level
  • 26.1 % of adults and 21.1 % of children do not have health insurance coverage
  • 87.7 % report being able to see a doctor when needed

Life Expectancy:

  • 81.6 years for women
  • 75.7 years for men

County Strengths:

  • Strong network of partners and collaborators
  • Expansive parklands for outdoor physical activity
  • Yavapai County ranks 1st out of 15 Arizona counties for healthy behaviors
  • Has lower incidences of mortality related to cancer and diabetes
  • Has good economic opportunities

Most Pressing Local Health Issues:

  1. Drug addiction
  2. Obesity
  3. Mental health

Community Needs:

  • Greater access to specialty care services and primary care providers
  • Quality substance abuse and mental health services, including reintegration programs for those completing treatment programs
  • Opportunities to engage with local officials in decision-making that impacts well-being
  • More information on available resources and how to connect with them

Information provided by Yavapai County Community Health Services, 2017 Health Status of Yavapai County