YMCA To Be Built in Prescott Valley

An idea that began more than 16 years ago about constructing a YMCA in Prescott Valley is coming to fruition.

Leadership from the Fain Signature Group has advanced plans for a three-story building that will include a gymnasium, large indoor swimming pool, weight room, men and women’s locker room, kitchen, public plaza, classrooms and rooftop track.

The proposed site for the YMCA has been increased from 4 to 5 acres, said Prescott Valley Town Mayor Kell Palguta because of the generosity of the Fain family. 

Palguta said he was especially pleased because the YMCA site is near a park, which will permit children to have access to outdoor activities such as soccer and other sports. 

Prescott Valley Town Manager Larry Tarkowski said, “The Town of Prescott Valley has been working with the YMCA for a number of years. It appears we are making great progress in many respects due to the farsighted view of the present board of the Prescott YMCA. We are excited about the participation of the Fain family and their eagerness to donate those acres for the YMCA.“

He also said a lot of work remained but it was gratifying to have the reality of a YMCA so near in the future. 

The YMCA will be constructed southwest of Bob Edwards Park and adjacent to the Parke Place Apartment complex. Viewpoint Drive will be on the east and Civic Drive to the south. 

Prescott Valley is now the largest incorporated community in Yavapai County. After 42 years, it has a population approaching 47,000. It is considered one of Arizona’s fastest-growing communities, partly because of aggressive leadership by the Fain Signature Group. The Fain family, among the original settlers in the region, has provided support for almost 150 years. 

For more information and renderings, go to www.fainsignaturegroup.com/portfolio-2

Photo: Rendering of the new YMCA provided by the Town of Prescott Valley