YRMC Wellness Center Relocated as Part of Hospital Expansion

Yavapai Regional Medical Center recently relocated its Wellness Center in Prescott to 1112 Iron Springs Road. The remodeled building, clearly identified by external signage, is the former site of Whole Foods and New Frontiers. 

The relocated Wellness Center offers two distinct YRMC facilities under one roof: The Pendleton Center for Health and Fitness and the Harold James Family Center for Physical Rehab Services. 

Director of Preventive Medicine and Wellness Andrea Klein, RN, BSN, CDE, said patients are pleased with the new exercise equipment installed. She said services are the same as they were at the former facility. 

The Pendleton Center’s hours of operation on Monday through Friday vary from the outpatient Rehab Center’s at the new Wellness Center. Call 928-771-5794 to get available hours.

New Health Center Construction Began In March

Moving the Wellness Center to a new location is just one phase in a series of strategic expansion plans for YRMC, said Ken Boush, director of marketing and communications. Several multimillion-dollar expansion projects are underway at the 21-acre west campus of YRMC. 

Boush said the old wellness center at 930 Division St. has been demolished. It will be replaced with a new three-story health and wellness center. In fact, preliminary work for foundations and infrastructure has already begun for the 100,000-square-foot modern medical office structure.

When complete in 2021, the health and wellness center, which does not have a formal name yet, will house specialties related directly to YRMC West campus medical priorities. They will include cardiology, primary care and other important services. A demonstration kitchen is included, too.

Concurrent with construction of the new health and wellness center is completion of a new 400-space multistory parking garage, expected to be done by late summer. 

Ultimately, the new multistory health and wellness center will be connected by two overhead walkways to the new parking garage to the northeast. 

Boush mentioned the new health and wellness center will be “green” — sustainable — and will be constructed with environmentally friendly materials and practices. 

Boush said facility construction at YRMC is unique from most other commercial construction. He said YRMC hospital campuses have potential for being independent from external utilities like water, gas and electricity. They must be capable of being totally independent from outside resources.

Just finished in mid-March was construction of an employee parking lot on the former Miller Valley Elementary School property at 900 W. Iron Springs Road.

Boush said YRMC’s expansion of health care facilities and programs is supported solely through patient revenue and generous contributions from individuals, businesses and corporations and foundations. No tax monies are involved. 

Boush said approximately 2,000 people are employed by YRMC at its campuses in Prescott Valley and Prescott. That includes the YRMC’s medical staff of more than 400 credentialed providers, a nursing staff and the hundreds of others who handle administrative, physical, business and operations. In addition, more than 700 people from the Quad Cities volunteer to spend time at both campuses 

More details are available at www.yrmc.org.

Photo: Physical Therapy Treatment Area. Photo courtesy of YRMC.